ROLLFAST is a psychedelic-rock band from Bali, Indonesia, formed in 2011. The five-piece is currently consists of vocalist Agha Paraditya, bassist Aan Triandana, drummer Ayrton Maurits Willem, and two guitarists Gungwah Brahmantia, and Bayu Krisna. They define themselves as loud and energetic rock performers, with a blend of psychedelic, blues and jazz music at some point. During live set, the band mostly experiment on sound effects, improvise,and play sound that can be heavily haunting.

Their musical style evolved through from recent years, yet still based on their main influences the Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, and basically any other classic rock artists. Despite the band’s main influences, Agha’s heavy vocal style changed from metal into the storm rider, The Doors, while Aan’s musical believe has converted more darker like Swans and the Black Angels. Gungwah and Bayu’s guitar riff comes from classic rock bands, as well as modern psychedelic echoes, and Ayrton’s hardly-knocked drumbeat, and powerful performance comes by worshipping the Zeppelin.

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