Issue : Conflicted

Political conflict, Racism, and Religion are just a marketing strategy, media snatches the truth, spreading slander and hatred, because the issue of Religion, Race, and Politics have a high price and value on the market. Politician, Government, Corporates and Military are cooperating hand in hand to build a company in the name of God and Nationalism. They deliberately create terror and disunity. Wars and terrors spent a very large amount of money, so they have to get the profits doubled. Actually, its all just a profit's calculation, its all just a dirty nasty business with a bigger scale and wider market. And of course, with a lot of sacrifices of lives.

Concept: Vidi Nurhadi
Design & Artworks: Vidi, Dannus, Tito, Tresna Yusa
Photographer: Agrielmi & Firman R

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