Demand and necessary. As a human being we all have our basic needs. According to Abraham Maslow, our basic needs are Food, Drink, Shelter, Sleep, Oxygen, and Sex. And there are also safety needs, Love and Belongingness needs, Intimacy, Affection, and Self actualization. But we also have desire, lust, and intelligence that build us as a scary society that compete on each other to be the most superior among the others. That's why our basic needs evolve become consumerism. According to how fast time-religion-education-technology-and culture grow, with all the misinterpretation of its essence, everything shifts to be a growing needs that follow current development. Greed and misuse of power are the side effect of endless needs which we never satisfy.

Concepts: Vidi Nurhadi R
Artworks and Designs: Dannus Darmawan, Septian Tito, Vidi Nurhadi R
Photographer: Vidi Nurhadi R

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