We deliver you the campaign about dismantling the boundaries between life and death. The experiences after that have so many perspective, but death will come eventually, and everyone will get to that point. Death has it's own meaning, leaving memories from those who was left for the ones that left behind. Death and life cannot be separated, if life is our right, then death is our obligation. Death is the new beginning of life, a new start for those whose dead or even for those who live. The dead have always left us material and spiritual legacies. Impermanence makes the livings sacred the death, dont worry about life or death, because the rhythm of life is keep on going, and death is soon to be arrived. Just keep the dead alive.

Concept: Vidi Nurhadi
Artwork and Design: Dannus Darmawan, Septian Tito, Vidi Nurhadi
Photographer: Vidi Nurhadi

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