Issue : The Filthy Forms

Not every human seek the joy of paradise, the fact is some of them found their own hell. Forcing their will with any ways, even the dirtiest ones. Rich people paying another rich people to tell Middle Class people to blame Poor people. Another group of people is so powerful so they can buy anything, including buy people to always haunt another people with theories and terrors. Using religion's issue and racism as a weapon to break the society, everything has a grand design, to them it is all about marketing in a big scale. We all should have and could have been angry. Even if it looks safe, humanity has gone from the human itself, life is only beautiful for just a group of people. Actually now we can say, the world is not ok.

Concept: Vidi Nurhadi
Design & Artworks: Vidi, Dannus, Tito
Except "Redam" artwork by Dimas Rizky
Photographer: Agrielmi & Firman R

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