Issue : Through The Screen

Through The Screen

The screen is a window to see a different world of virtual lifes. What's right and wrong in your TV screen, your Computer, your Tablet and your Phone, depend on who sees, hears, and feels it. We all have our perception of anything. Those screens may fool us, they make us lulled by the euphoria of addiction to attention in virtual world. Technology is in hurry, they develop too fast. We are competing to look real in cyberspace, playing around for our self image that sometimes isn't our real self. Right or wrong is bullshit, the important thing is we get the attention. All those screens are satan and god as unity, whoever behind the screen has the power to control anything that needs to show. We live in such a complicated-hypocrite-modern life.

Concepts and Designs: Vidi Nurhadi
Artworks: Dannus Darmawan, Septian Tito, Mayatschism, Vidi Nurhadi
Photographer: Vidi Nurhadi, Burhan Amaludin

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