Movie Review: Green Room

Yes, pertama liat trailer-nya semangat banget buat nonton film ini, di trailer-nya ada gigs. Lumayan jadi bikin penasaran ditambah para cast yang terlibat dalam film Green Room…

Album Review: Avhath – Hymns Ep

Another bites the dust, the quartet belligerent black metal groupAVHATH returns again with their dark reign of terror and deception. In recent past they have done numerous…

Album Review: Petaka – Sebuah Dedikasi

“In his Memoriam, Spirit and Mind”…. Petaka is a four piece hardcore punk band resorted in Jakarta, Indonesia. They play aggressively with a hot headed hardcore punk…

Album Review: Explosions In The Sky – The Wilderness

Ebbing and Flowing…. If were talking about intensity , no one could ever do it better than Explosions In The Sky. Pinpoint of utter magnificence and harmonies lies

Dsstr Showcase Vol 7

NEON THREAT Event: Disaster Showcase Vol 7 Date: March, 26 2016 Venue: Borneo Beerhouse, Kemang Jakarta Line Up: Hellbeyond, Suri, Haul, Revenge, Poison Nova…

Annuit Terra Exhibition


Dsstr Showcase Vol 6

Event: Disaster Showcase Vol 6 Date: February, 28 2016 Venue: Lucky Line Skatepark, Bandung Photos: Danil, Alifanto, Imungke & Agrielmi